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Our mission as a piano studio is to nurture and develop a love for music and the piano by providing knowledge of general musicianship, specific skills at the piano, and music history and appreciation.

Through weekly lessons and regular performances, we hope to set a foundation of music skills in each student. In each lesson, students are presented with musical concepts, note reading, technical exercises, ear training, improvisation, theory, and appropriate repertoire.

Repertoire is carefully considered in order to encourage the student and further their progress and ability. Various musical activities and games are incorporated into lessons to make learning fun and exciting.

Skills are developed in order to play many genres of music, but specifically classical, with the belief that this gives you the foundation for all other types of music. Through the process of lessons, practice, and performances, my goal is that each and every student realizes the joy of making music.

We also encourage our students to take the Royal Collage of Music (ABRSM) or Trinity collage exams at the piano and music theory in order to get certificates that are internationally recognized.

Piano Hands
Michaela Papalla - Piano Teacher

Michaela Papalla

Piano Tutor, Music Teacher, Kindermusik Licensed Educator

Michaela Papalla began studying piano at the age of four and from that first time she realised that this is what she wants to do for her rest of her life. She holds a B.A. in Music from University of Leeds. On the final year, the School of Music Board of Examiners and External Examiner awarded Michaela with the Certificate of Commendation for achievement in Composition (final project). She earned a masters degree from University of Leeds (MSc Management) while at the same time she was trained to teach the world’s leading music and movement program for children in early childhood and became a licensed Kindermusik educator.

As an active musician, Michaela has been involved in many areas of music. She has performed in various concerts as part of Paphos Metropolis Youth band and choir under the conducting of Sockratis Terpizis. She has been an accompanist for choirs, and she is the conductor of  children choirs. She has been enjoying teaching private piano and theory lessons for the past five years. In addition, she teaches music at Aspire British School to children from the age of four to sixteen and she is the conductor of school’s band and choir the last five years.

  • “My daughter has been taking piano lessons at 'The Piano Melody Studio' for the last year and really enjoys coming. Her teacher is very patient and shows a true passion for what she does. I am extremely happy with my daughter's progress and look forward to her next year at the 'Piano Melody Studio'”

    Mother of a student
  • “My teacher made me love and appreciate playing the piano. Her method of teaching is absolutely remarkable. As a person, she is ideal for teaching. Always very calm and never nervous. And she is a good friend.”