Wiggle & Grow | Kindermusik

This music-filled class celebrates the unique joys of your growing child. Each week your child will love singing, dancing, and playing instruments with you and her new friends and you’ll love helping her practice a wide variety of abilities such as gross and fine motor skills, turn-taking, social skills, and active listening. In class, we’ll also share tips and ideas for using music throughout the week. Plus, the fun (and learning!) continue with the Kindermusik@Home digital home materials, including music from class, musical activities, and each month’s story.


  • Exploring movement concepts and participating in musical interactions with objects and others.
  • Discovering different ways instruments can make sounds and experiencing a wide range of musical concepts.
  • Identifying and vocally imitating sounds and learning to describe them.
  • Learning to associate a picture with a sound.
  • Singing songs with language patterns that explore rhythm, speech sounds, syntax, and rhyme.


  • Increased alertness, self-control, and ability to regulate their own movements.
  • Stabilization of muscles necessary for healthy posture and overall balance.
  • Improved coordination and locomotor skills, fine motor skills, and finger and hand strength.
  • Strengthened ability to memorize, sequence, and predict patterns.
  • Development of early pre-literacy and number skills.
Age Group : 2-3 Years Old
Class Size : 10 Children
Pricing €50 per month
Sessions Friday, 17:45 - 18:30


Our teacher is qualified with Barchelor of Arts in Music and with Grade 8 diploma from Royal College of Music.


We understand the needs and the level of our students and we provide a friendly environment for them.


We brought Kindermusik & Wunderkeys programs and we are constantly learning new ways to enhance our teaching methods.