Piano Lessons


Piano Melody Studio welcomes piano students at the age of 3 years and older, from beginners to proficient musicians. We emphasize practical skills to encourage a lifelong love of music, and we adapt our teaching method to the style and idiosyncrasies of each student.

All piano lessons share the pleasure of music through creativity, and lots of laughter. We also encourage students to play multiple styles of music — from classical to popular works — so they can feel comfortable in today's musical world.

Lessons cover:

  • Technique
  • Repertoire Building
  • Rhythm Skills
  • Fluent Note Reading

Lessons also prepare students to play comfortably with friends and fellow musicians in piano duets, school orchestras, and other ensembles. In addition, we hold one or two student recitals during the year (December and/or June). Our students also are encouraged to take piano and theory exams by Royal College of Music (ABRSM) or Trinity College.

Keyboard lessons

Piano Melody studio offers keyboard lessons suitable for children age 7 and up and adults. Keyboard lessons are the ideal way to learn proper piano playing skills plus add the fun and flair of using digital technology to enhance your music. In the Keyboard Program you will follow Trinity Rock and Pop exams where you will learn a variety of songs and musical styles. Along with learning proper keyboard playing skills, learning to use the digital technology on your keyboard or digital piano is a major part of the program. Everything from adding sounds, rhythms, and drum beats to recording and playing with sequenced accompaniments, will be covered in this program.

Wunderkeys piano method for preschoolers

Our Piano studio specializes at teaching piano to very young children. We offer a piano program designed specifically for preschoolers. We absolutely believe that music is a gift that has to be ‘given’ to children as early as possible and this is why we are offering WunderKeys!! This amazing method enables young children to take their first steps in the magical world of music through activities that are absolutely appropriate for their age and most importantly…they are FUN!! Wunderkeys piano method for preschoolers is a unique blend of music and imagination nourishes the intellectual and creative minds of young children. WunderKeys bucks the trend of group music classes for preschoolers. Been there, done that! Young children have many opportunities to participate in group music lessons. Wunderkeys is something different… a real-deal, one-on-one piano program, that keeps preschoolers excited, motivated, and begging to learn more!

Age Group : 3+
Class Size : One to One
Pricing Vary


Our teacher is qualified with Barchelor of Arts in Music and with Grade 8 diploma from Royal College of Music.


We understand the needs and the level of our students and we provide a friendly environment for them.


We brought Kindermusik & Wunderkeys programs and we are constantly learning new ways to enhance our teaching methods.